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DESIGN/ Mood /Visionthe overall vision of the design was a Royal and glamorous feeling while having a fun and light touch. Elyse and Mathias don’t take themselves too seriously and wanted to infuse their playful and energetic nature into the atmosphere of the day.

The bride’s suggestion story… We have been together since the ages of 17 and 18. We both went to college on the East Coast and both worked in real estate. After 6 years of being together, we decided that we were ready to invest in a property together. We were so excited and it was a big step for us, especially because we weren’t even engaged yet! The day before we closed on our property, Mathias had asked me to see him again on the property. I happened to be with my two girlfriends and they drove me there eagerly. When I walked into our investment property, I was hit with a “will you marry me?”Shield, red petals scattered on the floor, a bouquet of red roses, photos of us everywhere and Mathias kneels! I was so shocked at that moment; I just couldn’t believe it! It was such an devoted moment, just us and a photographer that Mathias had hired, at least I thought so…. After I caught my breath and shouted: “Of course, I’m going to marry you!”Mathias led me into another room and two of my best friends came out! It was such a fun surprise to have them there, and of course, the two best friends who dropped me off were waiting at the door! I then immediately called my mother to ask if she was at home – as if she hadn’t already known about the proposal! I told her to stay at home because I had a really fun surprise for her. I just needed to see her face in person, I couldn’t break the news on the phone! So I ran home with Mathias to tell my family the awesome news, and to my surprise, all the family members and friends from Seattle and Philadelphia were waiting for us to celebrate! I was just shocked! Seeing everyone together to celebrate us was one of the greatest moments of our lives.


Wedding DRESSELYSE wore Ines Di Santo’s “Adana” wedding dress. This dress is a sparkling tulle trumpet dress with an illusion sweetheart neckline, long transparent sleeves and an illusion back with mother-of-pearl buttons. The dress features stunning hand-studded lace accents and 3D petal appliques.

BRIDESMAIDS’ DRESSESTHE bridesmaids wore dresses from the Australian brand White Runway. Elyse chose several styles in the same bright red color from which all the girls could choose, depending on which Figure they liked the most. There were 12 bridesmaids, so we wanted to make sure there was a lot of variety of styles to make everyone feel beautiful in what they are wearing.

Bridesmaid’s clothes, the groom and the 14 groomsmen wore Tuxedos from Men’s Wearhouse. The groomsmen had red clutches to match the bridesmaid dresses for a little touch of color.


Food and Drinkin order to maintain an energetic atmosphere throughout the night, Elyse and Mathias knew they wanted to avoid a plated meal and instead opt for quality food stations that customers could explore throughout the night. It was also an entirely kosher wedding, so we brought Eli Varon Events, famous in the Pacific Northwest for its incredible kosher culinary exhibitions. They present each of their food stations in spectacular Arrangements that seem almost too good to eat! The sumptuous food and the countless tasty options kept the 375 guests happy throughout the evening.

Flowers & Decorelyse and Mathias had their ceremony in the pavilion on the roof of the third floor of the Hyatt. Her beautiful chuppah was covered with lush greenery and flowers Of white hydrangeas, roses and orchids. The chuppah was placed on a small white stage so that the 375 guests could see it during its service. We used the reception centerpieces as aisle decor, which gave your long ceremony aisle a lush and elegant look without increasing the budget. The blue sky, the sparkling waters and the lush flowers of the chuppah embodied the quintessence of a perfect summer wedding in Seattle. At the reception, we built a custom-made hanging trellis above the dance floor, covered with lush greenery and flowers like the chuppah ceremony. In the center of the floating lattice, we hung garlands of icicles that cast a warm glow on the dance floor, resembling twinkling stars as soon as the dancing started and the lights above us went out.

Wedding cake as the wedding was completely kosher, Eli Varon Catering made its superb 6-tier wedding cake. The cake was covered with real orchids, including carefully placed gold leaf. In addition to the wedding cake, they created three more dessert stations for their guests. They had a fresh cookie station, a summer cake bar and a passed away by chocolate display.

Special detail #1their wedding invitation was a very important detail for Elyse and Mathias. They spent countless hours searching for options around the world for their perfect invitation suite. She even asked her best friend Lyssia to contact some Turkish sellers because she speaks Turkish fluently. Finally, after traveling countless places at home and abroad, we found the perfect match in an Australian Designer called Vinas Invitation. They have designed a beautiful Suite with an elegant acrylic invitation. This was combined with a light gray suede insert sheet containing a love quote in Hebrew and printed in silver foil.

Special Detail #2 Quote from the bride: every aspect of our wedding blew us away! We really enjoyed every moment, it was a fantasy that had come to life. The flowers of the chuppah were particularly appreciated by us. The chuppah is a structure used in Jewish weddings, supported by four poles open on four sides and covered with a Tallit on top – a Jewish prayer is supposed to be. The chuppah symbolizes a new house that the newlyweds will build together. When we saw our chuppah, she embodied the beauty of our relationship and the marriage we will have together. He was covered with beautiful white flowers and stood tall and strong. I will never forget walking down the aisle and seeing him for the first time with my husband, standing below and waiting for me. It’s really a Moment that I think about all the time.

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