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DESIGN / VIBE / Visionaccompanying our newlyweds, we have developed a Design for their wedding decoration that adapts to the style of the chosen place. We found that there were bohemian elements in combination with natural materials and furniture, as well as traditional decorative accents in Tone and wood. We also wanted the design to complement the wider environment of the Island of Paros, which offers a wilder beauty in the Cyclades. Therefore, our goal was to create an overall aesthetic that gives the impression that all the elements used in the decor, from flowers to fabrics to stoneware and other decorative details, are part of the surrounding nature.

APPLICATION HISTORYPATRIZIA and Florian first met in high school and soon became friends with God. The more time they spent together, the closer friends they became. After graduating from high school, they realized that there was more to their relationship and hesitantly decided to try their relationship. In the following years, they grew closer as a couple, although they spent time apart while studying abroad. One of their favorite joint ventures, even during the years when they lived separately, was to spend a vacation in the bride’s small cottage on the picturesque island of Paros. 2 years before their wedding and while they were on vacation in Paros, Florian proposed in the olive garden of the holiday home. He decorated the trees with countless fairy lights and when the bride said yes, they immediately decided that Paros was the place where they also wanted to officially celebrate their wedding.


Wedding dressthe bride wanted a Greek-style dress, because the wedding took place in Greece. She chose a simple but beautiful dress from Temple Bo & Luca, perfect for a hot summer wedding in Greece. The silk fabric was soft and moved naturally with the wind and had a beautiful tie that complemented the bride’s Accessories.

BRIDESMAID DRESSESTHE bride only wanted her sister by her side on her big day, as a bridesmaid. Together they chose a sparkling sage green dress that perfectly emphasized her beautiful smile and complemented the bride’s clothes.


Food and Drinks Since the wedding was an devoted affair of 40 guests, the couple wanted a similar feeling for their wedding dinner. So they chose a family-style dinner with shared plates organized by Miltiadis Kioukas. They opted only for Mediterranean-inspired dishes and included some of their favorite Greek dishes on their menu, such as traditional handmade pies, a Santorini Fava and a slow-cooked lamb with baked potatoes.

Flowers and Decorin the decoration of Patrizia and Florian’s wedding, we used many natural elements found in the natural environment and in the Greek countryside. We also decided to adapt the flowers to these elements with our floral designer Chaniotis, using a lot of Greece, dried foliage, floral colors in white, ocher and some Burgundy touches for some rustic notes. In addition to neutral bedding, we have also integrated wooden and brass elements into our cutlery. To further incorporate the beautiful elements of the earth, we have incorporated raw crystals on the placemarks of each guest, symbolizing well-being, stability and grounding.

Wedding cake for the cake we wanted to continue the natural theme of the whole aesthetic of the decor and opted for a simple two-branch cake with subtle brass details and complemented it with some aerial plants as a simple but natural decorative accent.

Readings, ceremonial music, reception songs the couple worked with two talented musicians, a singer and a pianist to create a more instrumental Version of their two favorite songs, which they integrated into the ceremonial procession and the recessional. They wanted these instrumental versions to be in tune with the more informal ceremony, which resembled an devoted gathering of their closest friends and family while exchanging the couple’s vows.

Special detail #1for the cocktail hour, the Cut wanted to make sure that all the guests get to know each other a little better and also get acquainted with the traditions of their chosen wedding destination, Greece. So they designed an interactive game in which the guests had to complete fun challenges, such as learning and demonstrating a small part of a traditional Greek dance, taking funny photos of all the guests with a Polaroid camera and recording a short wedding advice video for the couple.

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