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DESIGN / Mood / Visionwhen I’m from the south, I didn’t want a wedding in the south at all! I wanted something very classic and timeless that would stand out from everyone’s Alabama wedding! We opted for a very Italian / French garden atmosphere as the theme, so everything was very modern, very polite and nothing was rustic or traditional.

My favorite place in the world is Cheekwood Botanical Park in Nashville, Tennessee. We have always loved being there and one weekend I planned a business trip to Nashville and my brother and now my sister-in-law wanted to come with us! I didn’t think anything about it because my parents were back at home and he knew that I wanted my family to be there when he proposed! So we spent the day walking around Nashville, driving the scooters and all the little things you do in Nashville, and I realized that he was super nervous all day, but my sister-in-law and brother didn’t seem like everything was different! So we are heading to Wangenholz and while we are walking around, I keep noticing that he is super nervous! I heard my brother say, “Blake, can I borrow the camera?”So I thought he would try to take some pictures, and when we went to the bottom of the wishing well, I saw the whole layout and realized that he was proposing to me! When he got down on one knee, he asked me to marry him, and the first thing I said to him was, are you sure? We laughed and cried and I said yes! I heard a lot of people cheering and when I look back, it was my childhood best friend, my parents and also our family friend who is also a videographer! So, he has everything on video and in photos!


Wedding dresssnew, I didn’t want something to look very southern! The only thing I wanted to be from the South was the size of my hair and my curls! Personally, I had three different outfits for the day and a total of five outfit changes between my rehearsal dinner and my departure! For the rehearsal, I wore a two-piece Giovani set with a Rhinestone Crop Top and white flared trousers. For the rehearsal dinner, I wore a white one-shoulder ruffled jumpsuit ASHLEYlauren. My ceremony dress was huge, and I mean a huge white prom dress with a sweetheart neckline and 1 Million sequins that followed me everywhere! My second dress was originally made for a housewife from Atlanta for the show and an event in 2020, but it was canceled! It was definitely an evening dress. It was a Bodysuit with a draped skirt with a corset bodice and off-the-shoulder sleeves! I wore it with Jimmy Choos who looked perfect! My whole brand is pink, so goodbye to our wedding, I put on an entirely pink sequined blazer with a festive fringe and my wedding shoes which were pink Manolo Blahniks.

BRIDESMAIDS’ DRESSESTHE bridesmaids wore a light Champagne/Gold silk satin dress with a slit to make it easier to dance!

Groomsman Clothingthe boys wore black and white tuxedos with flies!


Food and Drinks the guests loved starting the evening with appetizers, including a shrimp cocktail in martini glasses and grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters, and ending with a after-night Pizza. The two Signature Cocktails included the Tiny Tequila (cranberry syrup, grapefruit juice, lime juice and Tequila) and the OVO Classic (orange half-wheel, orange bitters, smoked peach puree, orange zest and Bourbon).

Flowers and decor it was a discreet elegance with an all-white look. The ceremonial hall realized this Vision by draping the room completely with shiny white fabric. Chandeliers illuminated the bottom of the aisle, also bleached on the floor. The aisle was lined with lush white flowers at the end of each row of golden chivari chairs. Other Arrangements would be carried to the altar, adorning the asymmetrical all-white background that gave a fun modern touch. The reception area featured more white curtains and chandeliers among the hanging flower arrangements that were falling. At one end of the reception room was a huge white Bar surrounded by several different seating areas, and at the other end was the stage with a white dance floor in the center. Guests would enjoy dinner on the lawn of the mansion before entering and taking a comfortable seat in one of the beautiful seating areas or having fun on the dance floor.

Wedding Cakes Onshine Cakes made a stunning classic all-white 6-tier wedding cake, which was then adorned and topped with flowers.

Readings, ceremonial music, reception songs my brother was ordained especially for our wedding! Blake and I are not currently part of any church, but we are very, very strong and our faith and we really wanted someone to marry us who was part of our relationship from the beginning!

Special Detail #1My favorite part of my wedding was the fact that Blake and I didn’t see or talk to each other all day until I walked down the aisle! It was something I always wanted to do – and I knew that people look first all the time, but I wanted it to be so emotional, so raw and real when we see each other!

Special detail #2another favorite part of the day was seeing everyone’s reactions and the emotions that everyone was feeling! From my bridesmaids who saw me for the very first time in my dress, which no one but me and my mother and my sister-in-law had seen by the way, to my mother’s reaction, to my father’s reaction, to my little brother’s reaction (which was the best) and, of course, to my mother’s reaction, to my father’s reaction, to my little brother’s reaction (which was the best) and, of course, to

Special detail #3another one of my favorite parts and something I think people always remember is that instead of glow sticks, we actually made money guns and fired counterfeit money with the money guns! When we first did it, everyone thought it was real and was freaking out and looking for it all the time! We had a friend who was a little over stocked and he put of his own money in one of the money guns and fired it into the crowd hahaha

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