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DESIGN / Mood / Vision the design and atmosphere of the wedding were elegant and fun, that is, the decorations and the atmosphere were elegant, elegant and sophisticated. But not everything was so serious, because an element of fun was also added so that everyone could relax and have a good time.

Proposal STORYBrooke and Stinson have been together since high school and got engaged in Cabo in 2021.


Wedding dressinternational fashion houses presented their Spring-Summer collection Season 2023, in which the chosen color was pink on its pastel shade. So Brooke chose a different model for her dress, because it was not entirely white, but cotton candy flowers were printed everywhere. This shade of Pink was also perfect with the bridesmaids’ dresses, which were in harmony with the desert sand tones of the beach during the ceremony and with the bride.

Bridesmaid dresses this shade of Pink was also perfect with the bridesmaid dresses designed by Birdy Grey, which harmonized with the desert sand tones during the ceremony and with the bride.

Groomsman Clothingthe groom wore a tuxedo with an inky black bow tie. The contrast between an elegant Tone like black and a Cheerful pink created a beautiful balance between the bride, the groom and the bridal shower


Food and Drinks A family menu was offered by The Acre Resort Los Cabos, which included signature Cheddar cookies, organic fried chicken and personalized welcome drinks such as spicy strawberry and basil Margaritas and awesome hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour.

Flowers and decor The main objective was to strip the place down and transform it into a classic style. From a ceremony with a lot of flowers and a unique aisle shape to reception tables for dinners with large floral arrangements and twinkling lights, Brooke and Stinson’s wedding decor and design were based on a romantic but modern look. The bride’s bouquet was a medium-sized round bouquet with a color mix of different flowers: garden roses, buttercups, hydrangeas, Dendrobium and sage green in a chaotic, cascading style. The groom’s boutonniere was inspired by the bride’s bouquet with coral buttercups and a white flower with a touch of sage green.

Wedding Cake a white 3-tiered wedding cake, decorated with fresh and natural white flowers that have cascaded down. The bottom cake was chocolate with chocolate Oreo cream cheese, the middle was coconut with Dulce de Leche and the top was lemon with lemon mousse.

Readings, ceremonial music, reception songs DJ Alexander Ayala created a great mix of music, so soon everyone started dancing. The atmosphere was full of joy, smiles and applause, to the point that all the guests forgot about time and just had fun at an endless party.

Special detail #1 Unlike other newlyweds, Brooke and Stinson chose to read their vows in private in a tree house. This made this special Moment more private and devoted, as they were able to spend a few moments alone together before embarking on the party where their friends and family were looking forward to celebrating with them.

Special Detail #2after, the reception was opened with a tower of champagne so that the groom could toast to their next life together with his wife and with their friends and family.

Special Detail #3The sparklers on the dance floor welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Hebert to the adorable party filled with pink and white flower centerpieces. No one but the main Cabo event could have made such arrangements.

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