Epic Greek Wedding for Bright Fuchsia Blooms and a Supermoon

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Design/Mood/VISION if we could catch the moon for you, we would! However, we had to settle for the ultimate full moon wedding. The super moon of July 13, 2022 has just risen behind a subtle layer of clouds. As you can imagine, the biggest full moon of the year was the focal point of the wedding alongside Brynn and Steve. From the unique wedding invitations to the seating plan, everything was inspired by this exceptionally illuminated sky. Of course, we couldn’t ignore Steve’s Greek roots, so this “big Greek wedding” had some of the “Mama Mia” Flair that took everyone on a trip to Skopelos.

Suggestion storiesaccording to the newlyweds, after a weekend on the beaches and one-day parties in Montauk, the stars aligned so that they could accidentally see each other again, twice. In the typical Greek way, Steve had to go to his mother’s Island, Evia, for business, where he planned a romantic picnic with delicious cold cuts from an artisan grocery store. During a beautiful sunset over the hills, Steve got down on one knee and popped the question. At that moment, they both knew that spending the rest of their lives together would be the best decision they would ever make!


Wedding dress hug because we had an outfit change. From the light and elegant lace wedding dress by KittyChen to the ultimate evening dress by Nadine Merabi.

BRIDESMAIDS’ DRESSESTHE bridesmaids wore the most flattering shade of blue and enhanced the overall Vision of the wedding decor by highlighting the color palette and details.


Food and drinkguests were greeted with a selection of seasonal and refreshing cocktails and drinks such as Sangria Bianca and Greek Mastiha, as well as a light selection of appetizers just enough to whet the appetite. Catering dipnosofistirion served the perfect Mediterranean dinner under the Moon with fresh lobster, grouper fillets and shallots. The vegan and vegetarian menu has been carefully developed to satisfy everyone.

Flowers and Decor a magnificent, rich and colorful climbing garland adorned the picturesque church where the ceremony took place. The choice of flowers created the perfect contrast that we loved! The tables were adorned with centerpieces with hydrangeas and bougainvilleas. The mirrors were also a key element of this full moon wedding to capture the bright and shiny effect of the Moon.

Wedding cakewe have a sweet tooth for wedding cakes, especially if they are frosted. Brynn and Steve opted for a classic three-tiered white wedding cake adorned with the same pink and pink bougainvillea.

Readings, ceremonial music, reception songs the couple’s performance was accompanied by a harp and violin duet covering Beyonce’s “Hello” and Ben E king’s classic “Stand by me”. The couple and the guests enjoyed dinner under the stars as well as their first dance to the awesome sounds of a saxophone.

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